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Swiss Medical Implants


Born in Geneva, Swiss Medical Implant (SMI) is a leader in innovation about reconstruction and aesthetic dental solutions, providing dental professionals with the most modern demonstrated technologies.
Unique design in implants for maximum stability and aesthetic excellence. At SMI, we aim to create value for patients and customers through the benefits of the products and solutions we supply. We offer a range of dental implants which are compatible and suitable for all types of bones and surgical procedures. At the same time, they improve the preservation of the bone and soft tissues. All our products are use-friendly, as well as versatile, and safe.
SMI improves patients and dentists´ life all around the world with a leading technology in dental implant systems. Our wide range of products allows for treating any patient in a personal way, besides it guarantees a quality aesthetic result in all kinds of maxillary anatomies.

High initial stability even in compromised bone situations.
The original tapered implant mimicking the shape of a natural tooth root is designed for high initial stability and is ideal for Immediate Function in both extraction sockets and healed sites.
Cover your clinical needs with only one system. Whatever your patient requirements and personal preference, SMI options ensure total treatment exibility.
Regulatory Compliance:
SMI products meet and exceed the highest standards set by the FDA and other regulatory agencies.
All SMI products are CE marked.
SMI complies with ISO 13485:2003 & 9001:2008.
All the implants and prosthetic components are covered by a lifetime product warranty.

Acid Treatment – implants’ view

Acid Treatment – surface structure

Acid Treatment – surface chemistry